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Back again

2008-10-17 07:42:14 by WrenchNinja

Hi everyone,
It's just a coincidence that it's almost exactly a year after I made my last post. But maybe it's just this time of the year or something. Last year I uploaded some (crappy) songs and I just wanted to get better but then I lost motivation or something and I didn't upload (or make) any songs at all for like a year. But lately I wanted to start trying again, I don't use the trial version of FL studio anymore so I hope I can make my songs sound better than before. But I'm still new with FL studio so don't expect too much :P. Anyway I hope this time I'm going to stick around longer:P.

Hi all

2007-10-18 11:20:39 by WrenchNinja

Yo Everyone.

I recently downloaded a demo version of Fruity Loops Studio 7. So I'll be submitting some songs from now on. I'm only getting started with whole this music making stuff, I'm only testing out some things and effects and other shit. I hope I can get better at this stuff you'd really help me out by listening to some of my songs and review them. Anyway I hope you like my songs ;)

- Wrench Ninja